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Jy mcu 3208 прошивка: щелкунчик ноты для пианино

Banggood Reply: Dear customer,. Sorry to hear that. Would you please contact our customer service cservice@banggood.com? Please send us your order. This is JY-MCU 3208 lattice dot matrix clock HT1632C driver with MCU support secondary development. The time display on the move. 16-level brightness. Firmware for a Deal Extreme “JY-MCU 3208 Lattice Clock”. Schematics found at hardijzer.nl/?p=148 (as of 2012-12-30). Components used on this.

Dec 27, 2012 I didn't do much with microprocessors other than the arduino, empty atmega's on which i flashed the arudino bootloader and my previous. Only US.90, buy JY-MCU 3208 Lattice Clock HT1632C Driver with MCU & Support Secondary Development from DealExtreme with free shipping. Apr 22, 2012 Update to the JY-MCU 3208 Lattice clock However, I have the updated code available for download here ( jy-mcu_mega8.zip ). ATMega chips the fuse settings to run this firmware are LFUSE = A4 and HFUSE.

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